Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 May - Ania Reporting

12th May. This is Ania from Everest Base Camp. Yesterday lunch time we came back from our little holidays 1000m below Base Camp. We had a grand reception with three course dinner (toped up by banana pie) - life is hard!

Vivian has put together a list of the best of his I-pod for the team and we listen to it and sang sitting around the table. Then Scott as an exemplary leader got out the strobe lights and we had a bit of a disco. Morale and energy levels are high.

This morning started with Bill's coffee grinding ceremony (as every day), which feels the dining tent with wonderful aroma. Today is rest, shower, laundry and lazy day. The new weather forecast shows that Jet-stream is still too close to the mountain so for now we stay put. It is another beautiful sunny, slightly windy, day here at basecamp, but we can see the wind blowing hard up high.

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  1. Hi Ania
    I am watching your report carefully every time I can and still keep my fingers crossed for You. It is really, really amazing!
    K.Waberski (now from Milano)