Friday, May 21, 2010

Podcast from Ania at Camp 3

The following podcast was called in via satellite phone during the night. They had a very bad connection, which is not uncommon as the mountain really inhibits their ability to lock on to satellites. I am posting this as I expect that all of Ania's many friends and family will enjoy hearing bits of her voice, whether or not you can actually make out much of the information she was trying to pass along.

The team is camped at Camp 3, having moved up the Lhotse face in absolutely beautiful conditions. Even though they are at just shy of 24,000', Scott reports that it is "T-shirt warm" and was quite hot during their ascent from Camp 2. Everyone did really well and they are hopefull for the next 48 hours.

Winds up high are still quite strong, but all models show that they should lessen over the next 12-24 hours. It looks like they will have a descent summit window that will still be gusty, but manageable. There are a lot of people moving up the mountain, and there is a lot of politicking and negotiating about who will start up for the summit at which time.

The plan is that our team will move up to the South Col in about 7 hours and spend the day resting as best one can at 7906 m (25938 ft). They will then set out for the summit in the middle of the night.

We'll keep you posted. Until then, enjoy hearing Ania from Camp 3!


  1. Our thoughts are with you all on this day (Friday) of your climb to the summit. Hoping the weather stays clear and not too windy. Be safe!!!!!
    Karen, Clancy, Patrick & Leigh and family.

  2. Viv and All, Safe summiting, Stay safe guys, have a wonderful climb to (& from) the summit,
    From Ivan, Olivia...Kids