Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back in Camp 4 after a successfull summit of Mount Everest!

This call from Scott Woolums came in during the night. It confirms that our entire 2010 Everest team safely reached the summit of the highest peak in the world!

As equally important, they are all back in Camp 4 resting as well as people are able to rest at 26,000 feet. It sounded like an absolutely amazing summit day.

The team will descend to Camp 2 at about 21,500 feet tomorrow (this evening in US time zones) and will undoubtedly check in from the comforts of our Advanced Base Camp after they arrive.


Climbing Team:

Vivian Rigney
Cindy Abbott
Denise Fejtek
Paul Fejtek
Ania Lichota
Bill Allen
Scott Woolums

Special thanks to our incredible Sherpa team! You are one of the pillars of our Everest program and we cannot thank you enough for your hard efforts to make this ascent possible.

Sherpas to reach the summit:

Pasang Gombu
Da Wang Chhu
Pemba Chhotar
Pem Chiri
Pasang Tendi
Sonam Chhiring
Da Kusang
Karma Geljin

And thanks to our "Safety Sherpa" Mindu, for selflessly waiting for our team at the South Col.

Here is Scott Woolums, calling in from Camp 4 at 26,000 feet:


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations everyone! You are AMAZING!

  2. Congratulations to all of you!!! Well done to Anna Lichota. I hope to see you soon in UK!!! Dagmara

  3. Congratulations Vivian & team. Wonderful achievement & we all feel elevated. Look forward to hearing all about your magnificient achievement. Very best wishes - Rigneys in Blackrock, ireland

  4. Congratulations to Ania and indeed the whole of the climbing and sherpa team - you must all be so elated at your achievement. Enjoy your celebrations - you all deserve it.

    Dan & Ann

  5. wow!! Congratulations to Ania and her team!!!

  6. HooRay!!! You did it!!! So happy weather cooperated and you are on your way back down. Congratulations to everyone... Job well done!
    Karen, Clancy & Reuter gang

  7. Hi Viv and all the Team, Great job, we're delighted what you've done is simply descending,

    Best Wishes from Greenfield,

    Ivan & Olivia...Sorscha, Daniel & Andrew

  8. Congradulations to Vivian and the team, a wonderful achievement for all, well done to Scott and Allen for their guidance and support. And best wishes for a safe return home.
    Best Wishes,
    Mum & Dad

  9. You knocked the bastard off! You are such stars. Congratulations to all!

  10. Aniu!!!!! Nasze gratulacje !!! Jesteś Wielka!!! :)
    Pozdrawiamy Cię i czekamy w Szczecinie!!
    Wracaj szczęśliwie!!!
    Danusia i Mietek z chłopcami

  11. Vivian
    Congratulations to you and all the team on a superb achievement.We are all delighted to hear the brilliant news.Looking forward to hearing your story of the expedition on your return.Wishing you and team a safe return journey.Ronan, Joyce & boys in Naas Ireland

  12. Congratulations to the whole team! Vivian we look forward to seeing you and hearing stories about the expedition. What an amazing experience it must have been!
    Have a safe journey back,
    Brian & Heather in Raleigh, NC

  13. Congratulations to Mr. Rigney from all the students and staff in Sandford Park School. We are all very proud of his great achievement. Well done and we hope to hear his stories of the expedition!

    Best wishes!
    Students of Sandford Park School

  14. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, and Congrats (that's 7 right?) - terrifc news, what a relief to hear, and all the best for a safe and restful return! The McHughs in Chicago (Sinead, Tom et al)