Sunday, April 18, 2010

-15 another Freezing night at Base Camp!!

We woke up to another glorious morning here at Base Camp, with the team having turned in around 8.30pm the previous night....the norm! Supper was amazing which finished with an iced butter cake for desert, we all struggled to eat it of course!! and wondered how on earth did they produce it in the first place? Bill, Ania, Linda and Scott played cards (again), which has been an ongoing team building exercise the entire trip Jona and Vivian who usually play stood down this time!

Our esteemed leader gave us a lie in and suggested we stay in our sleeping bags till the sun came up at around 7.30am so the tents could warm up before getting dressed - who were we to argue with that!

The 'A' Team - the climbers of our group did some practicing on the glacier with ladders, boots and crampons today, as did the Sherpa's who will be going up with them, it has been a great day watching all the activity and preparation for the days to come....they have to do something as you have no idea how much these guys eat, eat and eat at every opportunity!!

After lunch The 'B' Team went out with Scott onto the glacier for a walk. OMG it was amazing, and to cap it all we were lucky enough to see, photograph and video a huge avalanche right in front of us - the noise was incredible. After a short photo shoot we carried on and seemed to be surrounded by rock falls everywhere.

Having arrived back at camp after our walk it has been snowing ever since. We are not wearing much you understand....just 5 layers on top and 2/3 on the bottom, this too has become the norm and we somewhat resemble the Michelin man!!!

As I sit and close out on today's update, Scott our Expedition Leader has now given us some entertainment by putting on his summit down suit - he resembles Little Red Riding Hood, but don't tell him I said that!!!

Over and out from Everest Base Camp before fingers get frost bite...and for those who love the stars you have to see them here to believe it, and some of us get to see them more than others!!

Lots of love,
Linda reporting from Everest Base Camp


  1. Well done Mama Africa - great adventure from P.A. Good luck to the climbing team.

  2. Hi Linda and fellow climbers.
    Great that you have reported in - We have really been enjoying the updates. Sounds like you are all having a fantastic time with great people. We wish the climbing team lot of luck. Look forward to seeing you soon. Take care. Lots and lots and lots of love, Lucia & Richard.xxxxxoooo.
    April 18, 2010 12:25 PM

  3. Hi Linda & the team...

    Its great to keep in touch, hearing about your great adventure. Enjoy it all, it looks just fantastic. Can't wait to hear the next update!
    Lots of love Sue Hossack @ Reigate! xxx

  4. Hi Linda and team,

    Fab to hear your news... sounds like you are having an amazing time.

    Hope you manage to get back with no delays, you may have to keep your trecking boots on for a bit longer!

    Lots of love
    Alison Horton - Reigate x

  5. Lindi!!!

    Well done you honey!!! I am so proud (and jealous of course) of you!!! The pictures look amazing and its brilliant that you can send us an update. I have been following the progress and it certainly looks like it was worth spending the money on the sleeping bag.

    Lots of love honey, keep warm and come back to us safe and sound.

    The Scarrott xxxx

  6. Linda

    Looks and sounds amazing....hope you're not taking too much money off the others at the card table.