Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just back from Camp 2!


We had good rotation up high (to 22,500 ft.) and are now back in Base Camp enjoying the sun, thick air (at 18,000 ft.!) and socializing with friends in the second trekking team that has just arrived. There are 23 trekkers in the Everybody to Everest trekking team.They proved to be a super fun bunch and we had quite a night packed into our Base Camp dome tent here. All together, we had 58 people in camp tonight, which was quite a spectacle!

The Everybody to Everest team is raising money for the CAF, or Challenged Athletes Foundation, which helps to support disabled athletes. It is a great cause and we invite you to please help if you can. Their web site, for more information and to make donations is:

We are having a Puja/Blessing ceremony here at Base Camp for the whole team before the trekkers start on their hike out. We are a having a highly animated evening with over 30 enjoying dinner and music in the dome right now.

Wahoo! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

So, for the climbing team, we are down here at EBC for a few days relaxing and enjoying all the comforts and amenities. We will then head back up for our second rotation up high. After that we will be ready to go for the top. It is getting closer....

Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp!

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