Saturday, April 17, 2010

Base Camp!

Hello from Base Camp!

Everyone is comfortably tucked in here now. We had a very fun trek up yesterday, and part of the team came in this morning. We are having perfect weather, with just a few afternoon clouds. It's been busy setting up our whole solar power/lighting/communications system, but we are now able to send our first report out from Base Camp!

We'll be regularly updating our dispatches from now on, so thanks for your patience. The trekking team is here also tonight- Linda, Julia, Izabella, Robin and Jona. They will remain here a couple more nights before heading back down to the lowlands (and warmer temps!). Jona plans to stay a little while longer to climb Lobouche on her way out.

The climbing team is jazzed to be here and all are feeling super good. We had a meeting today with our Sherpa team, who will be a major part of our expedition. This is the same Sherpa team that have been with me on many expeditions now. We could not ask for a better team!

Hope all is good at home for everyone.

Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp!

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