Thursday, April 1, 2010

The 2010 Mountain Trip Everest Expedition

Welcome to the dispatch page for the Mountain Trip 2010 Everest Expedition!

We are excited to be heading to Nepal soon for the climbing season. We will be posting dispatches from Nepal during the trip. While we have several systems for satellite email, and telephones please remember that these systems can be fickle, and we may not be able to reliably post updates every day. Don't worry if we miss a day.

This season we will have an Everest climbing team, as well as a trekking group that will join us for the beautiful trek through the Khumbu region to Everest base camp.

The climbing team:
1. Vivian Rigney
2. Ania Lichota
3. Cindy Abbott
4. Denise Fejtek
5. Paul Fejtek
Scott Woolums
Bill Allen

The trekking group:
1. Linda Unwin
2. Julia Bell
3. Robin McGregor
4. Izabela Spero
5. Jona Marie Price

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