Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leaving Dingboche

This is Drew in the Mountain Trip office checking in for the Everest team. I had the pleasure of excusing myself from a dinner in Tacoma, WA with fellow Mountain Trip guide, Chris Kerrick, to answer a satellite phone call from Bill. There is nothing cooler than saying "sorry I have to take this, I think it might be the Mountain Trip team on Everest." It was great to hear Bill's voice and he wanted me to let everyone know the trip is going well.

The team just finished up three acclimatization nights in Dingboche. It is ten in the morning in Nepal at this very moment, so the team is on the move towards their next stop, Lobuje. They will spend two nights at this location before heading towards the Gorak Shep and then on to Everest Base Camp.

I hear the view of Nuptse from their camp this evening is something to remember? This is all I have for now as the satellite phone cut off my conversation with Bill prematurely and it isn't every night I get to enjoy a meal with Chris. I am sending the Everest Team my best as I imagine anyone reading this is doing the same.

Drew Ludwig

PS If anyone is curious what the itinerary for an Everest Trip looks like, check out this link and scroll ahead to page 23 of our Everest information booklet. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi Drew, Thanks for post. Great to know all is going well. Please pass the best wishes from Ireland to Vivian & all members of the Everest team. "Good wishes to all in Lobuje". From Rigney family & friends in Dublin, Ireland.