Friday, April 16, 2010

In Gorak Shep

We're moving right along on our trek to Everest base camp. We stayed a night in the village of Lobuche (last night) and part of the team is in Gorak Shep tonight, while the rest moved on up to base camp. Ania, Vivian, Izabella, Robin, Linda, Julia, and myself (Bill) are spending one more night in a comfortable lodge in Gorak Shep, and we'll hike the last few hours to base camp tomorrow. We are all excited to get settled in to our home for the rest of the expedition. Our Sherpa team has been working hard getting base camp stocked and ready and we are actually going to reach base camp a day ahead of schedule.

We've had a beautiful trek up so here, with great weather and an entertaining crew. Everybody is doing great, we've battled the typical stomach problems travelling in Nepal, but we're all healthy and enjoying ourselves.
The rocky Khumbu Glacier, just below Gorak Shep with base camp barely visible in the distance.

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  1. It seems you are all having a fantastic time. Please send a big hug to Linda Unwin!
    Keep on enjoying every second