Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greetings from Everest Base Camp!

We've settled into base camp for the past few days and are now moving into climbing gear. Everest base camp sits on a glacier, which would give civil engineers gray hair as it's constantly moving - last night we heard loud roars as the ice shifted. Still, the real action is right above us with the Khumbu ice fall, which we will have to climb through to reach Camp 1.

The ice fall is a gnarly sea of moving glacier ice with huge seracs, ice walls and crevasses, all being forced through a steep and narrow gorge. It moves about a meter a day and in early summer it comes alive and becomes one of the trickiest parts of the climb with significant avalanche/crevasse danger. We've been training hard these past few days - climbing some ice walls near base camp. The key is to get through the ice fall as quickly as possible, so rope, rappel and crampon management is taking over our dreams these days!

Part of the team went for a training hike up towards Pumori and got some outstanding photos of Everest from just across the glacier. Fantastic day! Interesting photography exhibit in Base Camp. Dave Breshears has setup a very nice exhibit showing the glaciers around Everest comparing photos from 1921 and present. Interesting visual of just how much the glaciers have
receded in the last 80 years!

That's all for now folks.

Vivian reporting (our guest reporter for tonight) from Everest Base Camp!


  1. Sleeping on a moving glacier gives new meaning to sound sleep. Glad to hear everything is going well for the climbers and trekkers. How exciting to be getting ready for next move! Special thoughts and prayers being sent to entire team! LOL, Kathy Koser

  2. Hi Guy's.
    Wow, what a fab trip you all seem to be having, wish I was with you. The photos, lighting look amazing. I am an old school pal of Linda and am amazed at what you all have achieved. Well done, congratulations. Lets hope the airlines World Wide will be flying again by the time you depart. I am sure the sky has been the clearest for many years and the stars at night are probably shinning the brightest so make the most of it!! No planes for 7 days, it has been bliss here in London and all down to an Act of God. Keep warm and safe and look forward to hearing more exciting news from you all asap.
    Cheers (big warm hug for Linda)
    Venny x