Saturday, April 10, 2010

On Our Way!

We're in Namche Bazaar now. The whole team is now here after a great hike today up to Khumjung Village just above Namche. To re-cap, we flew in on schedule, sort of. On time over here means we only had a 6 hour wait in the airport on the 8th trying to fly in. That's Nepal, hurry up and wait!

We actually have two teams trekking in together right now. The climbing team consists of Cindy Abbott, Vivian Rigney, Ania Lichota, Paul and Denise Fejtek, Bill Allen and myself, Scott Woolums.

Additionally, we have the trekking team, comprised of Linda Unwin, Julia Bell, Izabela Spero, Jona Price and Robin McGregor.

All together we make up a completely fun group! We are definitely having a blast on the first couple days of our trek into Everest Base Camp. All our equipment and supplies are now in Base Camp with our Sherpa team. We are enjoying this afternoon in the Everest Bakery, taking advantage of their internet, lattes and enjoying good friends! We will now be posting regular reports along the way.

Scott Woolums reporting from Namche, Nepal.


  1. The pictures are spectacular--it sounds like a good time for the team!! Judy Smith (Paul and Denise's friend in Burbank)

  2. Cool to see that you are in the neighborhood of Everest! Hey, while you are at the bazaar if you aren't too busy, can you pick up a few things for me (dates, goat cheese, and maybe a nice baguette)? ;)

    Tom Schafer, La Cañada Flintridge, CA

  3. Vivian,

    I was sitting at home in the hot tub with a cold beer here after returning home from getting a massage and decided to see if you had arrived in Nepal yet. It appears as if you are on your way, one step at a time!! God speed, climb safe and I will have a few more for you while your gone buddy!!!!

    Allan Frankl