Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Everyone is in Kathmandu!

The whole team is here in Kathmandu at the famous Yak and Yeti Hotel. The last of the team arrived this afternoon and we are all a bit exhausted from traveling half way around the world. The time change from my home in Colorado is 12 hrs and 15 min.(Nepal has it's own time zone 15 minutes off of India, just to be difficult). It has been a long journey just to get to this point for everyone. Last minute packing and getting life together to be gone for 2 months takes a lot of energy and I think we all started this journey a bit tired. Just arriving in Kathmandu with all of the equipment is an accomplishment.

Bags were sorted this evening, and most of the climbing gear was sent on to base camp. We are left with the relatively small bags of trekking gear that we will need for the next 10 days or so on the way to base camp.

Kathmandu is an interesting, and unfortunately pretty dirty town. The traffic is crazy and the streets are narrow, so just walking through town is an adventure. We'll spend one more day here before catching our flights up to Lukla and beginning the trek. Most of our crew is going to go on a tour of the city tomorrow, visiting some of the famous temples around town. Although on a clear day you can see the Himalaya's from Kathmandu, the haze and pollution typically prevent these views this time of year. I was able to see the mountains, and Everest towering above them all on the flight in so we know they are up there waiting for us.

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